Asset protection and wealth preservation are some of the principal objectives of the International Society for Wealth Preservation. There are numerous websites on the Internet devoted to the subject of asset protection. All of these websites are commercial in nature. Although many contain some educational content, there is always an agenda or a selling point. ISWP has developed this website to present an entirely neutral viewpoint. Several asset protection attorneys and asset protection trust companies in the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Gibraltar and the West Indies have contributed to creating the Asset Protection Interview™.

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The Asset Protection Interview™

It will take you approximately 2 minutes to complete the interview and you will then be immediately presented with a set of asset protection structures that would be commonly recommended by asset protection attorneys for your specific situation. Please click the "Start here" button below to begin the Asset Protection Interview™. You will not be asked any personally identifying questions, and no personal information of any kind will be collected.

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Asset Protection 101 Asset Protection 101

The concept of asset protection is straight forward. Some assets, by law, are not reachable by creditors. If possible, and not detrimental to your overall financial goals, consider converting your assets into those forms that are protected. Common example: If you own real estate in your own name, it is not protected from creditors. If you own an interest in a limited liability company, it is an asset that will be protected in many circumstances.


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The International Society for Wealth Preservation™ is a not-for-profit, public service organization focusing on preserving wealth. The ISWP was founded as an advocate for property rights and individual liberty. Drawing on Libertarian values, we believe that property rights are absolute and any efforts made to preserve such property rights are just, ethical, and in the long-term, beneficial to our society.



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